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TOWN CLOCK video (wmv 46mb)  
Here's a video I made of my motorcycle trip to Laconia during bike week 2007.
It's seven minutes long, 30Mb, windows movie format (.wmv).  laconia2007.wmv
This video is of my September 2008 motorcycle trip up and down the Mt Washington auto road. It's 16 minutes long, 59MB, Windows movie format.  mtwashington.wmv
I started up and ran a local monthly variety night a few years ago with a lot of help from my friends. A hundred years ago the location was an old hotel with a dance hall. We tried to recreate those good old times with down home music and corny jokes. It was a blast for all and I'll never forget that time. Here's  a clip of some jokes. It's  5 minutes long, 12MB, Windows movie format. CoffeeHouse.wmv
If you like this, there's lots more performances by me and the bluegrass band here: www.veoh.com/channels/ManInaHat
I've always been intrigued by old pictures. These frozen pieces of time often cause us to look at ourselves in a different way. I was excited when a man from a local family was kind enough to share his collection of old pictures of our small town and its people. I scanned over 130 photos and soon realized that new technology allows you to look "into" the picture and see things that you wouldn't observe by looking at a small photo. It's 23 minutes long, 67MB, Windows movie format. smalltown.wmv
If you're feeling cooped up wishing for summer, blow a small fan across you and take this ride on my jet ski. Like myself, it's an older model but it's still got some speed left. I don't know how fast it goes, but when you're riding, it feels like a hundred. Yahoo! It's 5 minutes long, 34 MB, Windows movie format. jetski.wmv

This past summer we took a ride on the motorcycle up to Wildcat Mountain and had a ride on the "Ziprider". I had seen it advertised on a billboard and was curious. I wouldn't recommend it. It's expensive ($15 ea per ride) and the ride lasts less than one minute. The part about "a sudden abrupt landing" is correct though. It'll send you looking for the nearest chiropractor when you get off it. I'm surprised they get away with that. Best part of the whole thing was riding the chairlift up to it.  Guess I'm just built for comfort, not for speed. This two minute video will give you the idea. It's 10 MB, Windows movie format. zipride.wmv